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[FAO] Interesting Innovations!

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Interesting Innovations!
For smart parents

Digital Ink for Tablets

cool cup

Mobile Charging made easy

Table Tennis Door

Eco friendly Toilet

Multi Tasking

Unique umbrella design

Semi Automatic fruit peeler


Solar Powered Camping Tent


Digitally precise protractor

On-Demand Cup Holder

Wifi Digital Pen

Glass Holder

Ruler with holes for precision

Zipper Ear Phones

Smart Jeans for smart phone users

No more Blind Spots (rear view mirror)

Hidden Power Outlet

Secret Drawer

Built-in Wall extension cord

Scale Out Architecture

Solar Charges + Window Stickies

Pizza Scissors

Hand Powered Shredder

Hoodie BackPack

Compact Boots

Calender Ring

Salt Water Powered Clock

Solar Charging while Parking

Self Locking Bike

You can find the keyhole even when drunk

Independent Kids

iPhone Lens

Digital Measuring Cup

Spoke-less bicycle

Knives Set

Rubik's cube for the blind

Solar rocking chair


Wearable wireless mouse

Traffic Signal with Hour glass timer

Bicycle Parking