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[FAO] Some unique facts around the world!!!!

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 Some unique facts around the world!!!!

Here are some of the strange and unknown facts that you might not have heard. These information are unique and amazing which has marked a new position in the history of world.

1. In case of death of the employee of Google, the spouse receives half salary for 10 years and their children shall be paid an allowance of $1000 per month until the age of 19 years.

2. To become "Black cab" London taxi driver, You need to know more than 25 thousand road routes and 50 thousand attractions. Also you need to pass a test named the Knowledge. It usually takes 12 attempts and about 34 months of preparations.

3. At the end of the Vietnam War, the crew of the USS «Midway» pushed overboard helicopters worth $ 10 million to allow other helicopters to land on its deck.

4. Paul Kern, a Hungarian soldier was wounded in 1915 World War with bullet hit by a Russian soldier. It destroyed a part of the frontal lobe of the brain. Rather than dead, he never slept again and is said to have lived for another 40 years after the injury.

5. New Zealand Truck Driver Steven McCormack "Accidently" gets Air Hose jammed up blowing him up like a balloon. It took him three days to get rid of excess air.

6. Indian housewives own 11% of the world's gold reserves. This is more than the US reserves, the IMF, Switzerland and Germany combined.

7. The longest sniper shot in history was carried out at a distance of 2475 meters of the British cavalry Corporal Craig Harrison in 2009. His bullet flew to the destination for more than 6 seconds.

8. A plaster Buddha statue more than 600 years old was dropped during an attempt to move it to a new location. After some of the plaster coating was chipped off, it was revealed that the plaster was covering a statue made of solid gold weighing 5.5 tons (5,500 kilograms). It was also found that the gold statue actually consists of nine parts that all fit smoothly together. Also, a key was found encased in plaster at its base. This key could be used to disassemble the statue, to facilitate its transportation.

9. Michael Fagan is a Buckingham Palace intruder who broke into the palace and entered the Queen's room in 1982. The incident was one of the 20th-century's worst royal security breaches.

10. Initially, McDonald's is a real estate company and are engaged in real estate transactions. McDonald's will buy properties that it feels will be hot locations, and it of course sells properties that are under performing. Secondly, on top of the franchise fee ( usually 8% ) which McDonald's charges its franchisees to use the " McDonald's " name, it charges rent to the franchisees to use the corporately-owned properties.

11.Derek Amato from Colorado has acquired musical talent as a result of his severe concussion after hitting his head on the bottom of a swimming pool. It is called savant syndrome, is extremely rare and made him to be a great musician, without taking a single music lesson.

12. There are 300,000 active mosques in India, more than in any other country, including the Muslim world.


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