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[FAO] Your Cell Phone Is Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat!!! [1 Attachment]

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Do You Know Your Cell Phone Is Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat?

Although sounds disgusting and skanky, but it's a reality that our cell phones are far more germy and grungy than a toilet seat!!

Apart from being an efficient source to share feelings and information, cell phones are also an excellent mode of sharing germs and spreading diseases. Mobile phones are a must-have in today's routine life, for an easy access to people we are linked with by some means. For the reason, we wish to keep our phones as close to us as possible.

Beside our pillows or on side table when we are in the living room, residing with lose change in our pockets and purses when we are somewhere out, on table tops while being at workplace or in a cafe and at every possible site near and close to us. The scariest part of this reality is being unaware of the fact that we are not just carrying these cell phones with us, but also welcoming a huge number of germs which love to cling and harbor in our phones.
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Most of you think yourselves to be quite safe and clean after washing your hands with a good anti-septic soap or hand sanitizer, but the truth is that this germ exposure is not confined to toilet use only. Sanitizing or making something free of germs is not just washing hands with a sanitizer and cleaning sinks and floors with disinfectants. The faucets you turn, the light switches you flick, the door handles, the TV remotes and above all your cell phones are all fully loaded with terrifying germ colonies, if you are not in a habit to occasionally clean and disinfect them. So can you be safe and germ-free, if you have not even thought of sanitizing this stuff ever?
According to a report from Huffington Post:

Our mobile phones can carry 500 times more bacteria than a toilet seat and 18 times more than a public toilet handle. Plus, 1 in 6 phones have traces of E. Coli bacteria from fecal matter.

These above lines are surely enough to make someone gag; so wicked but so true.
It is well-known that bacteria love to grow at warm places. Heat generated by mobile phones as well as that transferred by your hands while you are using these smart-phones, is sufficient to provide this ideal warm environment for bacteria to grow. Germs that reside on phones are not only transferred from your skin and mouth but also from all the surfaces that your phone touches, including germs of other people who get the chance to use your phone. Keeping this in mind, it's really frightening when you consider that how many times in a day these bacteria and viruses hang only a few millimeters away from your face.

Not all the germs cause disease and most of them are benign. What you have to worry about are the germs of other people which somehow get to lurk in your mobile phone. In many researches colonies of staphylococci, streptococci and other bacteria have been found on phone screens of many people. A case of MRSA or methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (flesh-eating bug) infection has also been reported in which the person contracted this infection from a phone.

In a study that was carried out in 2009 involving 200 hospital staff members, culturing was done for micro-organisms on their phones. The study revealed that 94.5% of phones were contaminated with some kind of bacteria, many of which were resistant to multiple antibiotics. By also testing participant's hands, it was found that many of these bacteria were transferred from their hands and vice versa.
How to sanitize your cell phone?
In order to minimize the spread of bacteria and susceptibility to get infected, in addition to washing your hands and personal sanitization, you should also disinfect following few things occasionally (although the list is very long) which are more prone to be resided by germs:

    * Disinfecting cell phones
    * Credit/debit cards
    * Tooth brush holders
    * Rug bottoms
    * Light switches
    * Salt and pepper shakers
    * Replacing kitchen sponges frequently

Disinfection can be achieved by the use of anti-septic wipes for cleaning these things or simply by swabbing them with alcohol or spirit occasionally. With these few steps and protective measures, you will surely banish all the germs on cell phones and safe-guard yourself in a real sense.

So the choice is yours, a clean cell phone or a toilet seat!  

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